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Hearts & Crafts.
With a series of short portraits, Hermès pays homage to the artisans of the numerous Hermès métiers. Discover Dominique and his passion for saddlery.
Dominique, Hermès Sellier, Faubourg St Honoré



home-edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

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Most ExeRent bRog: Creative Destruction


All too familiar…have watched 20% wiped off my equity portfolio this past month.


* does this sound familiar?

Creative destruction is a term originally derived from Marxist economic theory which refers to the linked processes of the accumulation and annihilation of wealth under capitalism. These processes were first described in The Communist Manifesto(Marx…


Vine Talk. Wine writing it’s an interesting voyeaur activity. I prefer action. But we can still learn something from Nora Ephron… and yes… we can also watch our idol Stanley Tucci.

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A great documentary about Riviera Cocktail

* this is 1hr & 37 minutes & 13 seconds!

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The guys from FrenchTrotters recently published a great video of their trip to Pitti – it’s worth a watch if you’ve been following coverage and is probably the best piece of visual media I’ve seen from this season’s show.

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